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ALE Product Recommended AOS/OS Software Version Visio Stencils
OmniSwitch 2220
OmniSwitch 6250
OmniSwitch 6350
OmniSwitch 6360 8.7.252.R02
OmniSwitch 6450
OmniSwitch 6465 8.7.252.R02
OmniSwitch 6560 8.7.252.R02
OmniSwitch 6860/E/N 8.7.252.R02
OmniSwitch 6865 8.7.252.R02
OmniSwitch 6900 8.7.252.R02
OmniSwitch 9900 8.7.252.R02
OmniSwitch 10K VisioCafe
OmniAccess WLAN Controller / / / / VisioCafe
OmniAccess Mobility Master / / VisioCafe
OmniAccess WLAN Instant / - Instant / - Instant / - Instant
OmniAccess Stellar WLAN (OmniVista Enterprise 4.3R2) / (OmniVista Enterprise 4.3R3) / (OmniVista Enterprise 4.4R1) / (OmniVista Enterprise 4.4R2) / (OmniVista Enterprise 4.5R1) / (OmniVista Enterprise 4.5R2) / (Express & OmniVista Enterprise 4.5R3)
OmniAccess ClearPass 6.7.14 / 6.8.9 / 6.9.5 -
OmniVista 2500 4.5R3 Build 67 -
OmniVista Stellar Remote Access Point VA -
OmniVista 3600 Air Manager -
OmniAccess Enterprise Service Router
OmniSwitch/OpenStack Networking Plugin Kilo -

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AOS Release 6

AOS 6.4.x

AOS 6.6.x

AOS Release 7

AOS 7.3.x

AOS 7.3.2

AOS 7.3.3

AOS Release 8

AOS 8.1.1

Wireless LAN

AOS-W Instant

OmniVista 3600 Air Manager

OmniAccess Stellar Wireless

Network Monitoring of OmniAccess and OmniSwitch with Nagios Core

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