Which is the good AOS-W Instant version for my IAP/RAP3?

Following is a list of Software codenames with their respective hardware support.

Aries -  Instant code for RAP-155 and RAP-155P
Cassiopeia - Instant code for IAP-134 and IAP-135
Centaurus - Instant code for IAP-224, IAP-225, IAP-274 and IAP-275
Orion - Instant code for IAP-92, IAP-93, IAP-104, IAP-105, IAP-175, RAP-3WN and RAP-3WNP
Pegasus - Instant code for RAP-108, RAP-109, IAP-114 ,IAP-115 and IAP-103
Taurus - Instant code for IAP-204 and IAP-205
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