Hier sammle ich nur Aufzeichnungen aus meinen Tests mit L2GRE vom Stellar AP/OmniSwitch. Das fließt hoffentlich irgendwann mal in einen offiziellen Artikel ein … :)

Those are my notes to document this kind of weird stuff.

OmniSwitch as Guest-Edge

VPINID: 68888
hex: 0x10D18

Originating from the OmniSwitch ...

0x010d1800 for IPv6 / DHCPv6 (Multicast, DHCPv6, with local IPv6 src / LLMNR)
  0x010d1800 for IPv4 / LLMNR /Multicast 
0x010d1801 for IPv6 / ICMPv6 (Multicast, Neighbour Solicitation without source ::)
  0x010d1801 for IPv4 / DHCPv4 Discover (L2 bcast, L3 bcast)
0x010d1802 for ARP who-has xyz
0x010d1805 for IPv6 / ICMPv6 (Multicast, Multicast Listener Report v2 with local IPv6 src)
0x010d1806 for IPv6 / mDNS (Multicast, Standard Query)
0x010d1807 for IPv4 / mDNS (Multicast, Standard Query or Response)
0x010d1809 for IPv6 / ICMPv6 (Multicast, Router Solicitation with local IPv6 src)
  0x010d1809 for IPv4 / IGMPv3 (Multicast, Membership Report, Join
  0x010d1809 for IPv4 / IGMPv3 (Multicast, Membership Report, Join
0x010d180a for IPv6 / ICMPv6 (Multicast, Neighbour Advertisement with local IPv6 src)
0x010d180b for IPv4 / UDP Data (looks like the NBNS v6 x0f below)
0x010d180f for IPv4 / NBNS (subnet broadcast)
  0x010d180f for IPv6 / looks like NBNS V6 as Multicast UDP

Stellar AP as Guest-Edge

VPINID: 64050
hex: 0xFA32

0x00FA3226 for all packets, entropy is the last byte of the encapsulated src MAC address (of the client)
This has been validated by me 60:f8:1d:ce:5e:26 ends up as 0xFA3226, another device ending in :FC is 0xFA32FC

The dotted-quad is moved one octet to the left, so 0xFA32 which would be as dotted-quad
becomes, likely to make place for the "entropy".

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