Tipps für DHCP Einstellungen im ISC-DHCP-Server für OmniVista Cirrus

Auf Spacewalkers wurde beschrieben welche DHCP-Anforderungen/Empfehlungen es für OmniVista Cirrus 2.0.0 gibt.

Link: SpaceWalkers Beitrag

Offizielle Anforderungen/Empfehlungen für DHCP Optionen

Standard Mandatory Requirements
Option 1 – Subnet Mask.
Option 2 – Gateway.
Option 6 – Domain Name Servers – Required for FQDN resolution of OmniVista Cirrus connection points.

Conditional Requirements:
Option 28 – Broadcast Address. This option is only recommended, not required.
Option 42 – NTP Server(s) – For Certificate validation (start date and duration), and all related encryption functions. This option is not required on devices running AOS 6.7.2 R04 / AOS 8.5R2 / AWOS 3.0.4 MR1 or higher. It is however recommended.
Option 43 : ALE custom option
The following sub-option 1 is only required on AOS devices running AOS 6.7.2 R03.
Sub-Option 1 – Vendor ID. To validate the DHCP response (alenterprise).

The following Sub-Options are only required if you are using a Proxy to connect to the Internet.
Sub-Option 129 – Proxy URL. It can be either an IP address or a URL (e.g., “IP-address=”, “URL=”).
Sub-Option 130 – Proxy Port.
Sub-Option 131 – Proxy User Name. If the customer proxy access requires authentication, both 131 and 132 can be supplied via these sub-options.
Sub-Option 132 – Proxy Password.

Beispiel für isc-dhcp-server Konfiguration

$ vi /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf
# ALE Stellar Wireless option space
option space stellar;
option stellar.aleflag code 1 = text;
option stellar.proxyurl code 129 = text;
option stellar.proxyport code 130 = text;
option stellar.proxyuser code 131 = text;
option stellar.proxypass code 132 = text;
subnet netmask {
        option subnet-mask;
        option routers;
        option broadcast-address;
        default-lease-time 6000;
        max-lease-time 72000;
        vendor-option-space stellar;
        option stellar.aleflag "alenterprise";
        option stellar.proxyurl "URL=";
        option stellar.proxyport "8080";
        option stellar.proxyuser "username";
        option stellar.proxypass "password";
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