Inhalte von OmniVista 4.7 R1 Patch 1

Kontaktieren Sie den ALE Technical Support um Zugriff auf OV 4.7R1 Patch 1 zu erhalten.

  • CRNOV-4364: „In UPAM authentication, any user can elevate his rights to the admin user“
  • OVE-12201: UPAM LDAP/AD configuration: cannot apply or test connectivity to LDAP/AD server
  • ALEISSUE-1431 - OVE-12286: The value is always 0 for the first hour in WLAN client summary report
  • OVC-9356: Cannot receive email from Report app with Encryption TLS
  • OVC-9362: WiFi Clients connected to SSID with Map to Tunnel case lost IP address after upgrading OV to 4.7.1
  • OVC-9353: Dashboard does not load widgets and shows communication failure
  • OVE-12295: Cannot change Mongo Database Password on VA menu
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